Friday, July 6, 2007

life as a hyperlink

t's not that i don't have more than enough to read. sometimes i feel so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that i have to read, plus the even larger amount that i want to read, that i end up watching TV. or reading blogs.
my friend rosa got me into that. at first it was only her blog. and i saw it more as a friend related activity. in other words, i read it because she's a good writer but most of all, a good friend.
but then, as a lot of things in my life, one thing led to another...and naturally one blog led to anohter. now i find myself reading blogs of complete strangers.
i was going to write about blogs and my still incipient but yet incredible adventures in exploring this world. yet, i just realized that this is how i've always lived my life - as hyperlink. one random thing leading to another and next thing i know i'm transported to different lands and different friends.
ps: i dedicate this post to my dear friend lynn, whom i met through her ex-boyfriend who was a friend of the ex-girlfriend of the friend of my friend's husband.

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